Lady Sunshine

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Does anyone know where you can get dil se with english subtitles?  I have been obsessed with this movie for like 8 years but i cannot find a version with english subtitles so i don’t really know what’s going on

but ok — as a piece of music and as a dance performance but also the costumes, locations etc. — this scene is like a perfect piece of art to me.  and the girl’s vocals are so cool my god and they’re both such amazing performers altho im not sure the actors actually do the singing but maybe they do i dunno. but ya— it’s worth watching it the whole way through cuz it get’s increasingly experimental and beautiful as it goes along 

If for some reason they decide to re-make the dune movie before I have acquired the skills and reputation to do it myself they should hire whoever made this to direct it, it’s so like, ominous and romantic and seems to recall the past and reach to the future simultaneously 

+ SRK 4ever <3 <3

yoooo srk should totally play stilgar or something 

i wonder if any one even knows what im talking about i feel like dune fands and shahrukh khan fans probably don’t have much crossover but they should


It’s on youtube, but there is seriously no torrent with english subtitles that I could find.

Dil Se is my favourite movie, and the soundtrack is amazing (so is a lot of A.R Rahman’s stuff), and I have wanted to marry SRK since I was 5, so I feel you on so many levels
(And the actors don’t do the singing)